Built-in GPS PIPO M9pro FHD Tablet PC

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PIPO M9 pro is equipped with extremely lightness HFFS screen with the resolution up to 1920x1200, powerful RK3188 quad core CPU, 32GB ROM and built-in GPS.

10.1 inch FHD Screen
10.1 inch drastically improves the display of screen, using the latest HFFS technology and the brand new LED backlit group. 1920x1200 pixels make screen display more accurate and more exquisite.
The appearance of PIPO M9 pro extends the dignity and fashion of M9 and takes the applicability into consideration, friendly using double AAC speaker and anti-skidding design in the back.

RK3188 Quad Core CPU
Since the list of PIPO M9 pro, RK3188 quad core tablet PC, high praise continuously. In order to meet the needs of consumers, PIPO M9 pro has been on the market already.
Rockchip RK3188 processors are one of the best quad core processors on the market, these processors are based on ARM's Cortex A9 design operating at 1.8Ghz on a 28nm process. 28nm process technology uses low battery power giving high performance from the U30GT2's high capacity 8000mAh battery.

Built-in GPS
GPS module is very sensitive and needs more advanced technology support, so engineer adjusted and optimized the design of PIPO M9 pro, especially, in electromagnetic shielding, M9pro is the leader of Chinese tablet PC.

2.0 MP + 5.0 MP Dual Cameras
PIPO M9 pro allows you to fully experience the thrill of tablet photos! New produce is equipped with 5.0MP rear camera the same as iPhone4 adapting the OV's top camera chip in United States with AF auto focus, clearer photos, which gives you a different shooting experience and makes you capture every exciting moment ! 2.0MP front camera makes video chat, self-timer clearer.

Besides, PIPO M9 pro also supports Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI, Gyroscope, and Compass etc. PIPO M9 pro has been the best tablet pc in RK3188 project so far, with the highest configuration and the most comprehensive functions.

This tablet is available at: http://www.ebellking.com/pipo-m9-pro-quad-core-rk3188-android-4-2-tablet-pc

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